Need a maintenance repair?

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Home Partners of America and Pathlight Property Management ("Pathlight"), its exclusive property manager, offer a wide selection of quality homes in desirable communities with friendly and professional in-house staff. We are committed to providing safe and functional homes with excellent customer service. Although your home was delivered in "as-is" condition, it will be cleaned, painted and repaired as needed to meet our quality standards in preparation for your move-in.

Homes also require repair and maintenance from time to time. As such, we have outlined the maintenance service guidelines below (also contained in your lease) setting forth those items Pathlight will repair and those items for which you, as the resident, will be responsible. In addition, Pathlight will repair all items that we are required to repair pursuant to applicable law. All repair needs, regardless of which party is responsible therefor, should be made through Pathlight’s 24/7 maintenance support at 1.

Please note that residents are responsible for all repairs resulting from damage or misuse caused by a resident or guest and residents will be charged for Pathlight's repair of such items.

Pathlight Repairs & Maintenance

  • Major electrical systems
  • Major plumbing and septic systems
  • Roof, foundation, exterior walls and structural items
  • Heating, cooling and hot water systems2
  • Refrigerators, stoves, ovens and dishwashers4
  • Recurring and persistent exterior water intrusion
  • Weekly pool chemical service and basic cleaning

Resident Responsible Repairs & Maintenance

  • Minor and specialty electrical items, outlets, fixtures and light bulbs
  • Minor and specialty plumbing items, fixtures, toilet and drain clogs
  • Doors and windows as well as all interior walls and surfaces
  • Thermostat batteries, furnace/return filter replacement, outdoor unit cleaning3
  • Water filters, water softeners and ice-makers
  • Window screens and blinds, interior humidity levels and condensation5
  • Daily pool maintenance (water level and cleaning) and winterization6
  • Pest control, landscaping, fence and irrigation maintenance/winterization7